Our Aims

  • To provide challenging and worthwhile experiences for every child enabling them to attain high standards.
  • To develop spiritually within the ethos of a Church of England school.
  • To provide a stimulating environment and effective teaching practices in a range of teaching and learning styles, offering a broad balanced curriculum.
  • To motivate the children to enjoy learning, while at the same time having high and consistent expectations of all pupils.
  • To develop a child’s independence and responsibility in the learning process.
  • To develop Christian values into the ethos and teaching, developing in our pupils a sympathetic understanding of the Christian faith, and extending positive attitudes of themselves and others leading to well developed moral attitudes, respect for cultural differences and responsible social behaviour.
  • To provide a range of extra curricular activities which broaden pupil’s interests and experiences.
  • To involve parents at all stages of development and communicate effectively with them.
  • To involve the community as much as possible in the everyday fabric of school life.