Laughton All Saints' C of E Primary School


At Laughton we celebrate the whole child.  We believe that all children are responsible individuals within their local, national & global community, supported in their development at home and at school.

In our church school we promote respect and tolerance of others.  We aim to nurture caring, self-regulating individuals.

Our creative curriculum is designed to promote enquiring minds and support children to become independent, reflective learners equipped with the life skills they need for the future.

Teaching and learning is our core pursuit.

  • Children’s progress across the curriculum is good and attainment is high.
  • Children pay attention to detail and are articulate, independent decision makers, applying skills that will equip them for the future.  
  • Children try their best and feel proud of their achievements; they have aspirations for a fulfilled future and gain a life long love of learning.  
  • Children have self respect as unique, self-regulating individuals and are responsible in their attitudes towards others, within their Christian community and beyond.